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Triple action formula for digestive support.

Up to 92% of all performance horses may show signs of stomach erosions. In addition to stomach erosions caused by exercise, erosions may form in horses that: 1) Do not have a constant access to pasture, 2) Have a lowered hay intake, 3) Have become stall bound, and 4) Are fed processed feeds instead of whole grains.

Ulsus™ can help your horse’s digestive system in three ways: First, by providing ingredients that have been shown to balance acidity in the stomach by neutralizing a portion of the acid buildup, second, by providing ingredients that encourage a protective mucus layer on the stomach lining thus protecting it from the remaining acid and third, by providing ingredients that the body can use to promote healthy digestive lining in an overly acidic environment.

-Serving Size – 23 grams

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